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1.  Homeopathy Works For Me - A case of chronic infections

Homeopathy Works For Me. On that first encounter with Homeopathy, I had the opportunity to break up with the chronic use of antibiotics, the worsening of symptoms and general decrease of wellbeing, and my condition not only disappeared but also my whole approach to health changed. I have used homeopathy since to treat other conditions and I have been free of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs for many years now. When I need to treat any conditions, I know homeopathic remedies supports my self healing capacity and I become healthier each time.

2.  Homeopathy works for me - A case of Sciatica and children's illnesses

At the age of 18 I suffered an attack of Sciatica which resulted in my being off sick from work for 3 weeks. I continued to suffer for 12 years taking stronger and stronger painkillers and visits to physiotherapists. Since I found homeopathy nearly 11 years ago I only have an occasional twinge and have not taken painkillers since.


3.  Homeopathy Works for Me

A personal story of how homeopathy works for me.
4.  Homeopathy Works For Me: Stories From Africa.mp4

Homeopathy Battles Malaria in Africa: Here's The Story


5.  Homeopathy Works For Me - Dr. Mark Filippi

A quick history of my experiences with homeopathy in my own life, professionally and with my family - especially my first real-world one with the Bach Flower Walnut and my son Kyle...

6.  Homeopathy Works For Me

I was suffering with a horrendous headache for a couple of days, I eventually took a homeopathic remedy and *boom*, the headache was gone! Amazing. Homeopathy definitely works for me.

7.  Homeopathy for thrush

Homeopathy for thrush, homeopathic remedies, homeopathy for children, homeopathy for babies,

8.  Homeopathy works for me - flu

How homeopathy worked for me when I had flu. I recovered in only 3 days when most people were taking weeks.
9.   Homeopathy Worked For Me - No Cure for the Common Cold?
Homeopathy Works for Me. This is a brief story of how homeopathy worked to help me overcome my constant and seemingly never ending battle with head and chest colds, blocked sinuses and all that comes with it

10.  Homeopathy works for me - A cyst in a dog's eye went away after using homeopathy
Florence got a cyst in her eye when she was a few months old. Her owner gave her Thuja, a homeopathic remedy and the cyst went completely after a few days, saving vet's bills and unnecessary treatment.

11.  Homeopathy works for me.wmv
Video about the treatment of gingival hyperplasia ( bleeding gums, swollen gums, spongy gums ) resulted as the side effects of prolonged use of nifidipine drug used for hypertension.
12.  Homeopathy works for Me: Debby Bruck
Homeopathy has come to my rescue throughout all stages of life. Learning more about the way I respond to illness, trauma, and contagious disease has helped me understand that "Homeopathy Works"
I've used homeopathic remedies for nausea, dizziness, vomiting, migraines, diarrhea, sniffles, congestion, cramps.
13.  Homeopathy Works for Me - tonsilitis disappears after a homeopathic remedy
Homeopathy Works for Me - my daughter woke up crying in pain in the middle of the night. Her tonsils were really swollen, but she went back to sleep straight after a homeopathic remedy and was fine in the morning.
14.  Homeopathy Works for Me
Homeopathy Works for Me, I suffered from chronic Hayfever and Allergies all my life and it eventually developed into chronic Asthma. I was introduced to Homeopathy by a neighbour and was astounded at how well Homeopathy helps stimulate the body to do its own healing. I ditched medication, for long term healing and now enjoy better health and wellness, like never before.

15.   Homeopathy Works For Me-VRM
Homeopathy Has Worked For Me for Three Decades--Here's One Story

16. Homeopathy Works For Me - a tale of baby colic disappearing!

My baby son had agonizing screaming painful colic...then he had a homeopathic remedy....then the colic instantly disappeared. It works for me - now you try!

17.  Homeopathy works for me - quick recovery from a fall
Homeopathy Works for Me - fast recovery from an accident

18.  Homeopathy works for me
Homeopathy works for me. After getting sick from air pollution while travelling I was introduced to homeopathy by a practitioner a met. The results were nothing short of miraculous, and ever since I've never looked back - I now use homeopathy for all my ailments!

19.  Homeopathy works for me
A nine year old tells how she had a terrible chesty cough. Her mother gave hr a homeopathic remedy and her cough went away for good
20.  Homeopathy Works For Me - Anna Filippi - Calendula & Sunburn
A quick history of my experiences with homeopathy in my own life and with my family. A simple example? How about using Calendula cream on a sunburn. Try it next time.

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