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(listed alphabetically)

by Dr. Sunita Rana

16th August 2011

Belladonna - Acute inflammatory rheumatism. Flush over affected joints which are red hot. sore and burn; worse for motion, for jar. Pains come and go suddenly. Craving for lemonade which amel.

Bryonia - Joints red, swollen, stiff with stitching pains, worse for the slightest motion. Thirst for big drinks of cold water. Serous and synovial membranes affected. Better lying on painful part. Profuse perspiration.

Calcarea carb. - Rheumatoid arthritis; chronic inflammation of large joints. Worse for any change of weather to damp. Stiffness of all joints on beginning to move. Feet are always cold and clammy except at night in bed under the bedclothes. When they may burn. All Calc. carb symptoms are worse for exertion, cold in every form, wet weather and standing. Better in dry weather and lying on painful side.

Caulophyllum - Useful in inflammation of small joints especially of the hands where there is stiffness and pain on closing hands, particularly if it is in conjunction with uterine or ovarian troubles.

Causticum - Rheumatic pains makes the patient restless only at night, but constant motion does not relieve. Relief from heat and worse from dry cold weather. Better in damp weather, also from heat of bed.

Chamomilla - Numbness with pain; "Cannot bear it". Violent rheumatic pains drive him out of bed and compel him to walk about. Stitching pains jump from place to place. Irritable to the last degree (Nux).

Colchicum - Of great value in gout with soreness of flesh and joints. Rheumatism of small joints which moves from one joint to another. Affected parts are red hot and swollen. Patient is chilly even in hot room or by fire. Better from pressure. Extreme irritability of temper and intolerance of the smell of food, especially fish.

Guaiacum - Arthritis deforms. Burning in affected limb. Hamstrings short. Muscles seem too short. Worse Heat, touch, motion. Better cold (locally).

Kali iodatum - Useful in articular rheumatism, more or less chronic, esp. the knee. Great weakness and emaciation. Worse at night, when at rest. Sciatica: worse at night, patient unable to stay in bed. May prevent sciatica, rheumatism and acute gout.

Lac caninum - Inflammatory rheumatism; wanders from joint to joint; crosses from one side to another, then comes back. Worse by slightest motion, by touch - hypersensitive.

Kalmia - Wandering pains worse motion; pains go downwards, down arms, legs, shoulders and fingers; shoot and tear along nerves. Shooting pains come and go suddenly (Bell). Rheumatism that finally attacks the heart.

Ledum - Rheumatic pains start in feet and travel upwards (reverse; Kalmia). Affected parts "bloated and purple". Always chilly yet pains worse heat and better cold.

Pulsatilla - Changeable every way. Pains shift from part to part, rapidly; now intense, now mild. Worse in wet weather, yet worse from heat, at night in bed. Tearing pains better after motion, worse warm room. Better cold applications.

Rhus tox. - Constant movement is the patient's only relief, though movement is painful. All sorts of rheumatic pains and lameness better from motion, worse when beginning to move. Aggravated by cold wet weather, getting wet. Better heat, hot bath, warm covering.  Worse on right side.


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